How Teachers Can Get More From Twitter

Thanks to user growth and books like Teach Like a PIRATE, Twitter has grown into a professional tool used by many educators. From tweet chats to networking, Twitter can be a dynamic support for teachers. If you have never used Twitter before, or if you are participating in a chat tonight, here are some insights [...]

I’m a Teacher – Now What

Congratulations! You’ve got a job as a new teacher! Welcome to a fulfilling, challenging, noble, stressful, and ultimately rewarding profession! You, like many other new teachers, are probably asking yourself: I'm a Teacher - Now What? Compiled below is the I’m a Teacher - Now What Guide - a short list of resources and advice [...]

Teaching Tip # 21 – Cultural Behavior

Inappropriate and Cultural Behavior Despite preventative practices in the classroom, students will eventually misbehave, requiring a response from the teacher. Sometimes teachers can easily make a mistake and attribute student behavior as negative. Instead, it may be cultural behavior. Cultural behavior is behavior driven by culture, rather than work avoidance, trauma, or something else. We [...]

Smartphones – The Importance of Appropriate Use

Preventing the Apology A recent article has been making the rounds on social media and other education communities. The article, linked here, makes a bold claim - that educators must ban smartphones, to save our future. The author makes the argument that use of apps and social media can be addictive and unhealthy. While this [...]

Teaching Tip # 20 – First Response to Misbehavior

Establishing classroom procedures, building relationships with students, thinking about the details of a lesson - all these practices are important in preventing misbehavior in the classroom. But if there is one truth in education, it is this: At some point, a student will make a behavioral mistake. What will be your first response to misbehavior? [...]

Teaching Tip # 19 – Restoring Student Relationships

Strategies: Restoring Student Relationships Dr. Clay Cook, a researcher at the University of Minnesota, has developed a method he calls EMR, which focuses directly on establishing, maintaining, and restoring student relationships. Students crave genuine relationships, and often times students who find themselves in the most trouble are the students who need genuine, positive relationships the [...]