Is Water Wet
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Is Water Wet?

It’s December 2017 and it appears the next social fad is on its way (but this time, it’s not fidget spinners). Students across the United States are all asking the same question: Is water wet? It’s an interesting question, and one that is inspiring quite a bit of discussion to find an answer. But as… Continue reading Is Water Wet?

Establishing Student Relationships
Teaching Tips

Teaching Tip #17 – Establishing Student Relationships

Establishing Student Relationships with Classroom Strategies In the previous teaching tip, classroom management was discussed through a preventive lens, specifically identifying details in a classroom lesson that could lead to behavior management issues. Another effective way to be proactive and prevent inappropriate behaviors in the classroom is by establishing student relationships. The next three teaching… Continue reading Teaching Tip #17 – Establishing Student Relationships

Preparation is Prevention
Teaching Tips

Teaching Tip #16 – Preparation is Prevention

Using Preparation to Prevent Management Issues Classroom management is one of the most challenging areas that new teachers face in the classroom. Too many new teachers enter their first year of teaching without extensive time booked in front of the classroom. Management strategies are implemented most skillfully by those who have experience. And so, many… Continue reading Teaching Tip #16 – Preparation is Prevention

What should be on your board?
Teaching Tips

Teaching Tip #15 – On The Board

Visible Information On The Board A white board, screen, smartboard, even a chalk board and projector - these are the places where some of the most important information in the classroom is located. Bellringers, expectations, and other information often cover these surfaces for students to read. What do you put on your boards? What should… Continue reading Teaching Tip #15 – On The Board

Using Bloom's and Costa's while questioning your students.
Teaching Tips

Teaching Tip # 14 – Higher Level Questioning

Using Bloom's Taxonomy and Costa's Levels of Inquiry Throughout instructional time, you may find your students are arriving at “right answers”. Your students may have the ability to answer questions, but how do you know if they have mastered the content? How can you use questioning to stretch the thinking of your students to much… Continue reading Teaching Tip # 14 – Higher Level Questioning

Careers incentivize teachers the wrong direction in education.
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The Ladder Runs the Wrong Way

Changing How We Incentivize Teaching Careers Student learning is the most important aspect of public education, and retaining quality teachers sits at the core of student learning. Teachers are at the “front lines” of education - it is where the dirty work, the struggles, and the successes happen. Any policy changes, curriculum implementation, or other… Continue reading The Ladder Runs the Wrong Way

Assigning group roles in class.
Teaching Tips

Teaching Tip # 13 – Group Roles

Quality Collaboration Strategies Designing group work that allows for quality collaboration is a challenging task. Many teachers rely on how they were taught, where each student has a specific role such as time-keeper, or note-taker. The book Designing Groupwork: Strategies for the Heterogeneous Classroom by Elizabeth G. Cohen explores group roles, how these roles can… Continue reading Teaching Tip # 13 – Group Roles

How Subconscious Bias can affect education.
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Subconscious Bias: A Basic Understanding

The idea of bias, specifically subconscious bias, is an extremely difficult yet important concept to understand. Subconscious bias impacts the decisions we make daily. As teachers, it is imperative that we understand the basics of subconscious bias, and how to work against some of the more harmful effects it can bring. What is Bias The… Continue reading Subconscious Bias: A Basic Understanding

Management with the use of proximity.
Teaching Tips

Teaching Tip # 12 – Management with Proximity

Redirection Without Vocalization One of the simplest forms of management is the use of proximity - using the distance between you and your students to remind or redirect behavior in the classroom. Proximity can be very effective when managing simple mistakes students make in the classroom. For example, if a student is talking during a… Continue reading Teaching Tip # 12 – Management with Proximity

STEM Education Shouldn't Rely On Devices
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Too User Friendly: How Apps Are Stifling Learning

STEM Needs More Than Devices Many schools are quickly adopting to the ease and portability of devices in their classroom. While devices do offer learning opportunities, they can also be problematic. But there is one issue that seems to continually be overlooked specifically in STEM classrooms - apps are stifling learning. Devices are too user… Continue reading Too User Friendly: How Apps Are Stifling Learning