Teaching Tip # 21 – Cultural Behavior

Student misbehavior may instead be cultural behavior used at an inappropriate time.

Inappropriate and Cultural Behavior Despite preventative practices in the classroom, students will eventually misbehave, requiring a response from the teacher. Sometimes teachers can easily make a mistake and attribute student behavior as negative. Instead, it may be cultural behavior. Cultural behavior is behavior driven by culture, rather than work avoidance, trauma, or something else. If … Continue reading Teaching Tip # 21 – Cultural Behavior

Smartphones – The Importance of Appropriate Use

Teaching Appropriate Use of Smartphones

Preventing the Apology A recent article has been making the rounds on social media and other education communities. The article, linked here, makes a bold claim - that educators must ban smartphones, to save our future. The author makes the argument that use of apps and social media can be addictive and unhealthy. While this … Continue reading Smartphones – The Importance of Appropriate Use

Teaching Tip # 20 – First Response to Misbehavior

Student Misbehavior

Establishing classroom procedures, building relationships with students, thinking about the details of a lesson - all these practices are important in preventing misbehavior in the classroom. But if there is one truth in education, it is this: At some point, a student will make a behavioral mistake. What will be your first response to misbehavior? … Continue reading Teaching Tip # 20 – First Response to Misbehavior