Too User Friendly: How Apps Are Stifling Learning

STEM Needs More Than Devices Many schools are quickly adopting to the ease and portability of devices in their classroom. While devices do offer learning opportunities, they can also be problematic. But there is one issue that seems to continually be overlooked specifically in STEM classrooms – apps are stifling learning. Devices are too user […]

Attention Getters for Students

Students are talking. You need their attention. You start to talk, but the students don’t stop. You try to talk louder, but the students get louder. Soon, everyone is yelling trying to get their voice heard. If you’ve experienced this, it’s time for you to implement attention getters for students in your classroom. Attention getters […]

STEM Is No Longer Enough

The Need to Teach Digital Communication Offering STEM to students is becoming more and more popular in schools across the nation, as the STEM job market has exploded in the last two decades. It has gotten so popular that some schools have been marketing themselves with a complete STEM framework. However, with the increased offering […]

Teaching Tip #8 – Engaging in Learning

Six strategies to help engage your students in learning – Part 1 You’ve designed a great lesson full of great strategies that lead your students in their learning. You begin the lesson, but within the first few minutes, the students have checked out. Something didn’t engage your students through the lesson. What did you do […]