Teaching Tip #9 – Props and Love

Giving Props and Love To Your Students

A student takes a risk, shares an answer, or volunteers for a task. How do you respond to create an environment of positive support and opportunity? The answer, is props and love.

Many different teaching programs support the idea of props and love. Teach Like a Champion (#ad) encourages teachers to give their students “props” when the students take risks in the classroom and join discussion. Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching (#ad) encourages the same, but for a simpler reason – some students just need outrageous love.

Props and love can be shown in many different ways. Instead of just moving on after a student shares, give positive reinforcement in the form of claps, rhymes, or other movement. Some examples are given below.

– Ask the class to give the sharing student a big “Woot Woot!”

– “Three clasp for ________________!”

– “Let’s give ___________________ some finger snaps!”

– “One big star jump for ______________________!”

– Mime pulling out a hammer and hammering in a nail, saying, “Nailed it!”

There are many different examples of props and love, and you can be creative and find ones that fit your own style. There are certainly other ways to respond to students responding to question, but introducing props and love to your classroom allow your students to be motivated to seize opportunities, and continue sharing and taking risks in your classroom.

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