Teaching Tip #16 – Preparation is Prevention

Using Preparation to Prevent Management Issues Classroom management is one of the most challenging areas that new teachers face in the classroom. Too many new teachers enter their first year of teaching without extensive time booked in front of the classroom. Management strategies are implemented most skillfully by those who have experience. And so, many […]

Teaching Tip #15 – On The Board

Visible Information On The Board A white board, screen, smartboard, even a chalk board and projector – these are the places where some of the most important information in the classroom is located. Bellringers, expectations, and other information often cover these surfaces for students to read. What do you put on your boards? What should […]

Teaching Tip # 14 – Higher Level Questioning

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy and Costa’s Levels of Inquiry Throughout instructional time, you may find your students are arriving at “right answers”. Your students may have the ability to answer questions, but how do you know if they have mastered the content? How can you use questioning to stretch the thinking of your students to much […]