Create Your Classroom Wish List with #ClearTheLists

It’s no secret that many teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies each year. #clearthelists is a call to action to directly address this issue. Teachers are creating their own unique classroom lists – usually through Amazon – and relying on the kindness and generosity of strangers to help them fulfill their classroom supply […]

How Teachers Can Get More From Twitter

Thanks to user growth and books like Teach Like a PIRATE, Twitter has grown into a professional tool used by many educators. From tweet chats to networking, Twitter can be a dynamic support for teachers. If you have never used Twitter before, or if you are participating in a chat tonight, here are some insights […]

I’m a Teacher – Now What

Congratulations! You’ve got a job as a new teacher! Welcome to a fulfilling, challenging, noble, stressful, and ultimately rewarding profession! You, like many other new teachers, are probably asking yourself: I’m a Teacher – Now What? Compiled below is the I’m a Teacher – Now What Guide – a short list of resources and advice […]

The Ladder Runs the Wrong Way

Changing How We Incentivize Teaching Careers Student learning is the most important aspect of public education, and retaining quality teachers sits at the core of student learning. Teachers are at the “front lines” of education – it is where the dirty work, the struggles, and the successes happen. Any policy changes, curriculum implementation, or other […]