Is Water Wet?

It’s December 2017 and it appears the next social fad is on its way (but this time, it’s not fidget spinners) (#ad). Students across the United States are all asking the same question:

Is water wet?

It’s an interesting question, and one that is inspiring quite a bit of discussion to find an answer. But as teachers, the answer isn’t the important part. What is, is the fact that our students are engaging in debate over semantics.

Yes. Our students are engaging in voluntary debate over the definition and meaning of words.

This is a dream come true! My favorite way to respond to this question is to ask further questions, and allow this debate to keep going!

-Ice is water, right? So is ice wet?

-Water vapor is water, right? So is water vapor wet?

-What color is water?

-If I let half of a towel fall in water, is the towel wet or dry?

So far, my own school has yet to come to a conclusion. It seems that half my students believe that water is indeed wet. However, the other half claim that water can’t be wet, since it is made of water.

How have you responded to this most important of questions? What conclusion have your students come to? What do you think – is water wet?

Share your answers, sit back, relax, and enjoy the next social wave to move through our schools.

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