My Plan For The First Day Of School

My first day of school is already next week! I am getting pretty excited about starting another year, but also quite nervous. One thing that has helped me prepare for the first day is to write out a detailed plan of my first lesson. Sometimes I even teach it to an empty classroom, just to […]

Teaching Tip #16 – Preparation is Prevention

Using Preparation to Prevent Management Issues Classroom management is one of the most challenging areas that new teachers face in the classroom. Too many new teachers enter their first year of teaching without extensive time booked in front of the classroom. Management strategies are implemented most skillfully by those who have experience. And so, many […]

Attention Getters for Students

Students are talking. You need their attention. You start to talk, but the students don’t stop. You try to talk louder, but the students get louder. Soon, everyone is yelling trying to get their voice heard. If you’ve experienced this, it’s time for you to implement attention getters for students in your classroom. Attention getters […]