Teaching Tip #18 – Maintaining Student Relationships

Maintaining Student Relationships

Strategies: Maintaining Student Relationships Dr. Clay Cook, a researcher at the University of Minnesota, has developed a method he calls EMR, which focuses directly on establishing, maintaining, and restoring student relationships. Students crave genuine relationships, and often times students who find themselves in the most trouble are the students who need genuine, positive relationships the … Continue reading Teaching Tip #18 – Maintaining Student Relationships

Teaching Tip #16 – Preparation is Prevention

Preparation is Prevention

Using Preparation to Prevent Management Issues Classroom management is one of the most challenging areas that new teachers face in the classroom. Too many new teachers enter their first year of teaching without extensive time booked in front of the classroom. Management strategies are implemented most skillfully by those who have experience. And so, many … Continue reading Teaching Tip #16 – Preparation is Prevention