Teaching Tip #15 – On The Board

Visible Information On The Board A white board, screen, smartboard, even a chalk board and projector – these are the places where some of the most important information in the classroom is located. Bellringers, expectations, and other information often cover these surfaces for students to read. What do you put on your boards? What should […]

Attention Getters for Students

Students are talking. You need their attention. You start to talk, but the students don’t stop. You try to talk louder, but the students get louder. Soon, everyone is yelling trying to get their voice heard. If you’ve experienced this, it’s time for you to implement attention getters for students in your classroom. Attention getters […]

STEM Is No Longer Enough

The Need to Teach Digital Communication Offering STEM to students is becoming more and more popular in schools across the nation, as the STEM job market has exploded in the last two decades. It has gotten so popular that some schools have been marketing themselves with a complete STEM framework. However, with the increased offering […]