Are you lost, nervous or anxious as a first year teacher? Are you a veteran teacher who is looking for ways to improve that don’t involve expensive curriculum development or text resources? Are you just tired of platitudes, buzzwords, and memes – and just want quality teaching strategies? If you answered yes to any of these, then Teach and Assist is for you!

The mission of Teach and Assist is to be a free resource for educators that provide pragmatic, approachable strategies that you can use in your classroom starting tomorrow. Teach and Assist is run by James Hron –  a middle school design teacher who lives and works in Minnesota.

It is my hope that you join our conversation and use the resources here to further improve your own teaching! Feel free to join our mailing list, or to contact me using the contact page on this website, the comments below an article, or my own twitter.

I hope you find the advice you are looking for – and if not, just ask!