They Can Find Out, Using the CRAAP Test

Since humans have used language to communicate, strategies have been developed to trick one another. In the past, these strategies have included propaganda, scams, deception, and more.

In today’s internet era, students struggle with these tricks and others – like information abundance, data filtering, and fake news. In Education, this issue has spread beyond the traditional “research” courses, like English and History class. Any class that utilizes the internet as a resource – whether it’s a formula for Math or a stretching technique for Physical Education – needs to instruct students how to identify reliable information online. It is more important now than ever, to teach students the skills they need to identify if information is reliable, or if it is crap.

The CRAAP Test

The CRAAP Test is a fun and engaging way to introduce the concept of testing information sources for reliability. It is a simple test – split into five categories – that can be applied to almost any source of information.

You can download a free CRAAP Test worksheet here!

Use the CRAAP Test to instruct your students if websites are reliable, and whether or not they can be trusted! In the comments below, let me know how instructing the CRAAP test went! Also, I’d love to hear any funny stories about students being just a little to trusting of information they found online!

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